Fallout is defined as the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. It is the consequences of the unleashing so much raw energy after such a powerful event. I was wondering today about the fallout after an abortion.

What I have seen on the Facebook is the accusation against Pro-Life Christians to the effect that Christians, who are pro-life, ignore the plight of poor, hungry children whose parents can’t afford to feed them. That Christians are all for the saving of the unborn, but are apathetic to the plight of poor and under-served children. The narrative goes like this:

Our typical seeker of abortion (we will call her Roshanda, since abortion disproportionately affects the black community) goes to the abortion clinic. She is going because she already has six children and simply can’t afford to have another. Yet the Christians who intervene convince her to have this seventh child. After the child is born, where are the Christians who will help her raise this child, help pay for medical bills, make sure baby number seven has enough to eat? The question is: Why are Christians pro-life until the baby is actually born? Where did the Christians go? Isn’t it better just to let Roshanda have her abortion?

Let me express my imperfect and under-informed opinion for the pro-choicers. The Pro-Choice movement expresses that Roshanda ought not to burden herself with that seventh child, and encourage here to “terminate the pregnancy” (i.e., kill the unborn child) so that she won’t have to suffer. They would want Roshanda to go through with the procedure.

Roshanda instead goes to the abortion clinic. She is told that she wouldn’t want to burden this child with life and that she should just terminate her pregnancy. Roshanda has some misgivings, but the nurse convinces her that she is doing the right thing. She then meets the nurse in the procedure room who preps her for surgery. The doctor flies in, doesn’t talk to her, because he is just going room to room as fast as he can, and quickly begins the procedure. But he cuts an artery (or something else equally significant) and she starts to hemorrhage, and Roshanda is rushed to the ER via ambulance.  Roshanda spends a couple weeks in the hospital recovering from a botched abortion procedure by a doctor that shouldn’t be practicing medicine and an abortion clinic that is not subject to the standards and protocols that EVERY OTHER clinic and hospital is subject to. Now Roshanda not only has an ambulance transportation fee, but a long list of hospital bills, lost wages, money spent now on legal bills because she “abandoned” her other six children while she was in the hospital. Why? Because Child Protective Services noticed there was no parent in the home.

Then, after Roshanda returns from the hospital, she is faced with debilitating depression. Why? Because her hormones, originally gearing her up for motherhood are now flooding her with guilt. Yes, GUILT. She has to go into therapy. Who is paying for her therapy sessions? Who is paying for her hospital bills? Who is paying for her legal bills? And who will pay for her children’s upbringing if Roshanda commits suicide because of her post-partum depression? This one choice has cost her thousands of dollars. Is this equal if not greater than the amount of money most people estimate for the cost of raising a single child? Will the Pro-Choice people step in and help pay for any of these things? Where are the Pro-Choice trust funds for survivors of botched abortions? For the children of those survivors?

Pro-Life Christians promote adoption. Christians promote and run homes for children. We used to call them orphanages. Any child who is left at a fire department, ER, police station, etc. will be placed in foster care. Foster Care is not perfect, but isn’t it better than death? Is there evidence that some Christians abandon some children after they are born? I’m sure you can find some. But is there any evidence that the Pro-choice people help with the survivors of abortion and their families when things go wrong? I don’t know much, but I doubt it. I believe you will find that Pro-Life Christians in general support and assist children in far greater numbers than the Pro-Choice folks do for those that have an abortion.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

God Bless!

Poking the Bear In the Name of Love

I noted on Facebook on Thanksgiving that Macy’s pre-show for their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (featuring Santa Claus kids!) included a lesbian kiss. Later I discovered this was not an accident. The show was a vignette of a broadway musical about a high school prom in rural Indiana that refused to allow two girls to attend as a couple. The couple was a same-sex couple, not just two girls who couldn’t get dates. So the story went that the whole community got involved. The School Board refused while the Community pushed to allow the girls to attend as a couple. If you have more information about this case, please comment below. Regardless, the musical, based on this story, featured prominently in Macy’s pre-show, and by some necessity included the two stars, the actresses playing the two girls, sharing a kiss.

I commented on Facebook that this was inappropriate for this time slot and for the expectations of both adults and children, especially the children. This was my chief gripe about the incident, not necessarily a statement about the moral value of the kiss itself. It seems to me that Macy’s could have picked any of 100 shows in New York that could be featured in this way. They didn’t have to pick any shows at all. The other show that I saw given some of this spotlight was “My Fair Lady”. I have yet to hear Macy’s give an apology for the kiss, so that tells me that the whole thing was intentional. My objection is to the appropriateness of the “kiss” in its time slot for an event likely watched by prepubescent children. I didn’t think such “inclusion” was necessary for this age group, a likely demographic for the parade, which included giant balloons of carton characters.

But now I have been accused of poking the bear, and that two girls ought to allowed to kiss. This is a free country, and two girls have as much right to kiss as any other two consenting adults. I must be the one in the wrong for pointing this out and I ought to be ashamed of putting shame on the love of two young people. Really? I don’t have as much right to freedom of expression as two lesbians in downtown New York? They offended me.

One attempt to discredit my accusation is that we have had to put up with plenty of Christianity over the centuries, what difference does one kiss make? To which I could reply, “I have eaten plenty of healthy meals in my life. What difference does one drop of poison make?” This attempt makes the assumption of moral equivalence which simply doesn’t apply here.

Biblical Christianity espouses a culture of morality and ethics. I use the phrase “biblical Christianity” with intent, since there are many kinds of Christianity and not all of them are good. Pointing back to the Bible seems to me to be the best option. You may not agree but Christianity as practiced has done far more for morality, ethics, business and government than any other theory of human behavior. Biblical Christianity agrees with observed (not theoretical) science, every time it’s tried. Biblical Christianity assumes that all people are lost before they accept a Savior. Biblical Christianity does a far better job explaining why people do bad things than anything put forth by Freud, et. al. Biblical Christianity as a moral framework, especially as it is taught in the New Testament, has done far more good than anything man has devised. And Biblical Christianity advocates for the unity and preservation of families, which is where it directly opposes Gay culture.

What has homosexual culture given us? Now there are many individual homosexuals that have given us fantastic drama, art and music. I have no argument with that. Others I have no doubt have given us inventions and other significant social contributions. All good. But what has the culture given us? When two men come together, or two women, what happens to the world around them? Before modern times, the two had to hide. They may have been married, or in ministry, or had some high public office. But the threat of being outed forced them to a form of blackmail if they were ever discovered. Tell me, what kinds of bad decisions could possibly come from this? And what about these:

Homosexual culture can result in Child Predation/ Molestation

Tell me that the inclusion of homosexual priests in the Catholic church hasn’t been a bad idea. Tell me that a whole generation of Catholics hasn’t been soiled in abuse, a church whose reputation hasn’t been marred, or individual Catholics who have stopped trusting the Church’s judgment. Suffice to say that placed in such positions, these self-confessed homosexuals have not been able to handle the temptations involved and have destroyed many children in the satisfaction of their lusts. (Biblical Christianity respects the boundaries of sexual behavior as that between a committed husband and wife in a marriage (Heb 13:4). All other sex is forbidden)

Homosexual culture promotes Slavery

If I may define slavery for just a moment. Slavery is compulsory work done by an individual without his consent. That may be a narrow definition, but if you can order someone to work for you who does not want to, and they no choice but to do it, then that is slavery. Consider the bakers and florists who are confronted by homosexual couples and ordered to bake a cake or arrange flowers for their wedding. The bakers and the florists are now presented with a choice, if they are Christians, of either being forced to do the job against their conscience, or to quit being a baker or a florist because it is too expensive to defend themselves in court and still keep their business. There are numerous cases like this now. (While Biblical Christianity acknowledges slavery as a reality, it never promotes it or advocates for it. Rather it says that if a person who is a slave can be free, he ought to pursue freedom (1 Cor 7:21).)

Homosexual Culture promotes the Abolition of Free Speech

And what about free speech? If a person says anything about gays that isn’t politically correct, doesn’t that person get ostracized? A person can’t even comment about two women kissing without getting shoved aside and called “judgmental”. (Biblical Christianity actually promotes the idea that Christians ought to expose the “deeds done in darkness” (Eph 5:11) and to expel immorality from its midst. (1 Cor 5:11))

Homosexual Culture promotes the destruction of the Traditional Family

Since coming out isn’t a big deal anymore, tell about the families who discovered that Daddy won’t be coming home anymore, because Daddy has a boyfriend. Tell about the wives who feel cheated, if not devastated. Tell me about the husbands whose wives have gone off to live with another woman. Tell me they haven’t been affected in the least. Tell me that there hasn’t been any collateral damage because a person “ought to be free to live their dream!” Individual homosexuals may have left bright contributions to the world, but homosexual culture is one of broken relationships and broken families. Every homosexual has a context, two parents, brothers, sisters, some even spouses and children. Going off and coupling with the same sex causes division within families, questions about whose “side” you’re on, uncomfortable dinner conversation. And to be homosexual is not a hard and fast rule, since many go from straight to homosexual relationships and back again. It becomes very fluid and very confusing. (Biblical Christianity present a family as a trinity, with a Husband, a Wife, and children, with rules for each in interaction with each other (Eph 5:21-6:4). The Bible also condemns any sex outside of the marriage relationship, and does not accommodate people’s sins for their happiness.)

So to say that Christian culture and homosexual culture are morally equivalent displays a horrible lack of understanding of the issue. What difference does one kiss make? By itself, very little. But this issue isn’t about a single same-sex kiss shared on a street and viewed by millions on television. This is about a culture of people who claim moral equivalence for a lifestyle that has proven over and again to be destructive both to individuals and to American Culture, which has its foundation in Biblical Christianity.

You will rightly note that Christianity has been guilty of some of the most horrendous crimes in history. I don’t argue with that. Many churches today are guilty of psychological abuse, financial abuse and outright deception. But that doesn’t mean that the Bible is wrong. To quote G.K. Chesterton, “Christianity hasn’t been tried and found wanting. It has never truly been tried.” Many have tried Biblical Christianity and found it to be completely satisfying, and many well-adjusted people have come from it.

I may come off to you as judgmental. That’s ok. This was not intended to take a “middle-or-the-road” approach. You may be offended. That’s ok too. That’s what the comments are for. But I want you to know that I see homosexual culture as preeminently destructive. I’ve met too many to find it any different. I also find that many homosexuals get very defensive with this kind of talk. No doubt many will read this and say that I’m wrong, and that homosexuality is a very fulfilling lifestyle. I can’t prove that it’s not. All I can point to is the damage it has caused for the sake of happiness. A lot of other’s happiness has been damaged or destroyed for the sake of the one. Do we have the right to be happy in this life? Well, that’s the subject of another blog post.

God bless you today.

Into All the World

I learned a few days ago that an American missionary attempted to get into an isolated country off the coast of India to preach the gospel to a previously unreached people group. Sounds good right? Well, not so much. You see the people group in question had been isolated for a reason. The government of India forbade anyone from approaching the island because its inhabitants kill any intruders on sight. Very little is known about this group, but everyone else knows enough to stay away from them. However, our aspiring missionary friend felt called by God to bring the gospel to this off-limits piece of God’s real estate. I cannot fault him for this. I also cannot fault him for his use of illegal transport (via local fishermen) to get to the island. The gospel call is to preach the gospel to every creature. And there are examples of similar situations in the past (Jim Elliot), where the gospel had been brought to indigenous hostile peoples and made a huge difference in the people and its culture. Jim Elliot died bringing the gospel to the people he felt called to. His son befriended the man who killed him. See the Point of the Spear.

It would be easy to say “These are just a bunch of savages, just leave them alone.” They do represent a unique people group, and as some suggest, they possess a completely unknown language, so it would take some serious effort even to be able to say, “Hello!” Because of this, experts claim that the people ought to be left alone because if anyone interfered with them we would be destroying a unique culture with Western values, and we’ve already done that with so many other indigenous cultures. This is an argument from moral equivalence. The way they do things is just as good as any other culture’s way of doing things. Just leave them alone. Funny I don’t hear that kind of condescension taking place with the anti-vaxxers.

We may not know much about their culture, but we do know this: they murder outsiders. Anyone who is not from their small community is sentenced to death upon contact. Whether this institutional or cultural, we have no way of knowing, that is to say, whether their chief has commanded all outsiders killed or it is in their culture to kill all outsiders, it makes little difference. Murder is the worst crime you can commit upon another person, and it is their chief point of contact. Do you really think they’ve got a handle on things? Are they morally equivalent? It would be one things if they made it very clear that outsiders are not welcome and threatened this with the point of a spear. It is another to simply kill all visitors on sight.

We also know that these people aren’t savages. They aren’t evolved from apes. They are human beings. As such, they are born with the same moral law as everyone else. Killing another human being is a violation of natural law. It is usually only superseded by 1) institutional directive, or 2) personal sin. You are either ordered to kill by a government or led to murder by personal sin. I am led to believe that their directive to kill is more institutional rather than personal. If they personally wanted to kill other human beings, they would have wiped each other out by now. So they probably have a cultural affinity to protect their culture from outside influence.

And that’s what this young man saw in them, morally liable human beings who need a Savior from their sin. If Jesus had not yet been preached there, then He needs to be, right? Does Jesus have a witness in that community? At this point, we have no way of knowing. But certainly some have felt the call of God to this particular island. Surely God has already spoken to some within that culture. Very likely they have a story of the creation of the world (as MANY other indigenous peoples have) that includes a Creator God, and maybe even a Savior? Could it be that the leaders of this island nation know this, and know that if a Savior is preached, they would lose their power? Could this explain why they shoot all outsiders on sight? Certainly, but we have no way of knowing. Do we have the right to know?

We have a command from Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation (people-group/ language/ ethnicity). This island of isolated people represent a nation that has not yet been reached. Thus, this is a people for whom Christ died and need to hear the gospel. Should we not send in the Marines, learn their language, and give them a choice?

This is a touchy subject for missiologists. Missions have traditionally been about transplanting western culture into indigenous populations, with the frequent result of that population becoming dependent on western generosity, with no real understanding about salvation and grace. Many say the words and attend the services because free food is available. Operation Christmas Child, which our church recently participated in, sends shoeboxes full of goodies for children, and accompanies it with a gospel presentation. Do the children listen and convert for the sake of the gifts or for the gospel? Western missions almost always associates gifts and gospel, and we don’t understand that indigenous cultures may not see them separate as we do. That’s why the same people convert to Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Baptist and Christian, because they are all offering gifts and building them churches. Whoever brings food gets the ears. And then those missions have to be maintained with western funds on a continual basis. Is that how Paul and Barnabas did it? If I read my Scriptures correctly, it was the peoples of the churches they founded that sent money back to Jerusalem, not the other way around.

So it seems to me that we ought to be going even into this island nation and learning about their culture. I could think of a few ex-military guys that I know in the church that would find this a challenging opportunity. There is a way to defend yourself without being aggressive. We have a base in Cuba after all. I would think this culture knows its island well enough that anything covert would be instantly spotted. So any approach would have to be made overtly, but well-defended. Such an approach would have to be well-funded and call for extreme dedication. But I think it would be do-able.

Let me put it this way. If Jesus will no return until every people-group has heard the gospel, is it at least as important to tell this people about Him as it is to build a Temple in Jerusalem?

God Bless!

Happy Thanksgiving


Just a note of thanks today. Thank you to everyone who has liked the blog and followed me this year. I know it’s quirky and odd, and sometimes what I have to say comes out of left field, but you are a great group of people that made this blog part of your life. Thank you all!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone today. May you also take some time today to thank the Lord God for His blessing, even they are simply life and breath. Praise Lord wherever He may be found!

Looking for a Reason?


Just take a look around if you are looking for a reason to thank God. God has given to you in abundance. He has given you life and health enough to read this blog today. I thank God For my wife and children, that He raised me in a good family? And gave me the privilege to raise one of my own. I know the things of this life are fleeting, and that I could lose it all in a moment, but I am grateful I have been able to enjoy God’s blessings up to this point. God has been good. I have no reason not to trust Him.

Make today another day to praise and worship Him in thankfulness. Thank you God for all your marvelous works. Praise Your Holy and Righteous Name!



Who else could do the things our God can do? Who else can rightly be called “God” than the One who made the heavens and the earth by his mighty power and outstretched hand? There is no one else, and thus we have no One else to thank but Him. God is the proper object of our worship and praise today. We were made to praise Him and without Him as our object, our praise feels hollow and worthless. Praising men for their great deeds is good, but praising God is better. Praising a child is good, but praising God, Who gives us all from the liberality of His hands in abundance is far better.

Worship is a natural part of our being, whether we choose to acknowledge God. We will naturally praise someone or something. We will give our allegiance to sports teams, athletes, great thinkers and minds, family, friends, those whom we admire. And we will do it without even thinking about it, because it is an instinctual as breathing. Giving your time and attention to any object or person can be moved into the realm of worship.

We worship an invisible God, whose worship and praise must be intentional. He is made evident by the creation we see around us. We are witness to His majesty through His creative acts, and He draws us to Himself by the awe we feel in His works. Worship of God is deliberate. It is something we may fall into, but to worship a God we cannot see requires our intention and concentration. It is so much easier to worship things we can see. God forces us to engage both heart and mind in worshipping Him, our spirit and our will.

So let us engage the Lord with thankfulness for His marvelous works, His blessings innumerable, and the joys He has graced us with in this life. If you have family, be thankful for that. If you have a home, food on the table, children who say “I love you”, a wife who is still a woman worthy of the descriptor “beautiful”, a good job that pays for your needs, you already have numerous reasons to be thankful.

Celebrate and enjoy this holiday in thankfulness and worship. God bless you today.

Life Measured in Ministry


Many measure their lives in money, family, or some other tangible asset that people can count. It’s sometimes been said that a man can be measured by his friends, or by the number of people who attend his funeral. I wonder what Paul would have had to say about all that? We don’t know if Paul had any natural children. We know he considered many of his concerts his children, and his protege Timothy was very special to him as a son in the faith.

But Paul describes here an attitude toward the self, putting aside all of one’s accomplishments and the pride that comes with them. Instead he says that he prefers to measure his life in the ministry and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a standard that if applied to each of us we might find ourselves wanting.

But each of us has a ministry. Whether a mom to her children, a husband to his wife, a social worker to her cases, a line to a factory employee, even a small church to a pastor. Having been in that last category, it is often a discouraging day to continue to minister in the small church, seeing the same people week upon week with no significant change. But being faithful and preaching faithfully, being a constant spiritual presence in someone’s else’s life can mean a great deal.

I want to encourage you this morning with this word from the Lord. Don’t measure your life by your accomplishments and prizes, but in the people who look to you as the anchor in the storms of life. In the people who seek you out when they need an encouraging word. Be mindful today of those people in your life. God bless you today.