Shifting Shadows

Over the course of the day, the shadow cast by my home changes, from direct sunlight coming in to my office space in the morning, to the deep shadows of the evening, where the sun has gone over the house and and allowed this side to cool. When I am working outside in the yard, I welcome this shadowing of the back of the house, as it means that it becomes a little cooler to work.

Shadows are never still, but change throughout the day. The cooling shade of a tree at one point of the day recedes until you are bathed in sunlight, and during the summer months that can be uncomfortable, unless you are like my wife. She relishes the sunlight as it bakes her skin and turns her brown, and is only frustrated when the shadows begin to creep over. But such is the nature of shade and shadows.

What a contrast then it is to see that God is not like that. His light is bright and constant. His gifts are faithful and true. Our God is the standard of reliability. There is a saying, “reliable as the sunrise”. but the sun gets its cue from the Lord.

Do not set your hope that things that will change. The memories you saved to videotape a couple decades ago have to be transferred to digital, just so you can see them. In another couple of decades, it will be something else. The job that you thought you would work until you retire? They will be bought out, your insurance will change, and you may be looking for another job. That church you worship at today? Though all seems wonderful and bright, the preacher will grow old, retire, or be replaced, and everything will change again.

God alone is the unchanging constant of the universe. If you would set your hope on anything, set your hope on Him. Let your reliability come from Him, and not your hope in changeable things, human institutions like government or church. Be the influencer in your church, in your community because of the solidity of your hope in God and His provision. Show others the hope you have, the certainty you have in the Father of lights, and they will learn to trust in Him too. For that is why we are here, why He saved us, so that we could chow to others the hope we have within us.

Heavenly Father, from whom there is no shadow of turning, who has granted me every good gift and is hope for the future, may You offer hope to all who are reading this, who know better than to trust in changeable things, so that they may put their faith and trust in You. Thank You Jesus for saving me from the uncertainty of life and showing me promise of eternity through You. I pray these things in Your Name, Amen.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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