Do Not Be Deceived

If there is a command is Scripture we need to heed today it is this one: “Don’t Be Deceived!” Now I could go on about reaping what you sow, but I don’t think that is as important here as the first. I certainly believe you will reap what you sow, and don’t think you won’t If you sow corruption, you will receive corruption. If you sow resentment, you will receive it back in kind. But if you sow love, grace, and encouragement, these things will also come back to you. If you sow the gospel, I can’t imagine the reward that you will receive in heaven.

But first things first. Do not be deceived, which also means, know the truth. Don’t be gullible. Don’t go with the first witness, but carefully examine all the witnesses you can before you come to an conclusion. I cannot stress this enough with the Corona Virus. We have been indundated with witnesses, both scientists, doctors, medical professionals, politicians, news pundits, etc., etc. about how best to deal with the “outbreak”. Do not be deceived. Do not be hoodwinked. Listen for truth. Coonsider that God does sometimes send these things along to chastise nations, and we have certainly been chastised as a nation. I believe families have been brought together in ways during all of this that God approves.

But I also know that this is an election year. The Democrats, despite having a field of 20 something candidates, came down to a predictable few, and those just don’t have what it takes. I’m sorry if you are a Democrat, but neither Biden nor Sanders just don’t feel presidential. What happened to the noble statesman? Why are we always talking about scandals? Where are the noble policies to motivate Americans to do better, to be better than we are, instead of all of this class conflict and racism?

Being an election year, and knowing that we have had deadly illnesses in the recent past given no more than a column in the paper, I have to wonder if we are being deliberately deceived? Just a few years ago, Ebola was in the news. Our hospital prepared for it, wrote our special protocols, and some Americans were affected by it. We did not lock down the nation. That idea never came up. Who was president at that time? President Obama.

Ebola was a far more serious and dangerous disease than Corona Virus 19, including hemorrhagic fever, a horrible term of illness, and possible death. No one mentioned lockdown. No one even talked about quarantining the nation, or closing schools or businesses. Life went on as normal.

But now we have COVID-19 (ooh scary!) and it’s like the comet is coming to destroy the earth. Are there parts of the country having a horrible time of it? Certainly. Is the entire country having an equal bad time of it. Absolutely not! Therefore you do not need to treat the whole country in the same way. Do not be deceived.

How many people have you been to talk about Jesus to since you entered quarantine? More or less? How many times have you been able to gather with believers? To fellowship and worship? Has an invisible virus kept you from an Almighty God? I hope not.

As Christians, we are to be vigilant. The Devil goes around seeking who He may devour. Without our fellow Christians and accountability, have we been as strong “alone together” as we ought to be together?

Thanks for reading. Keep your eyes open. Don’t give up.

Thank you Jesus for calling us to truth.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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