Imagine my surprise when I discovered that “broken-hearted” was a diagnosable medical condition. About a year ago I was talking to a doctor at the hospital where I work and they were discussing a case where a woman had a verifiable heart condition. She had recently suffered the loss of her husband, and her health now was in jeopardy. The doctor said she was dying of a “broken heart”. I was astonished. But this confirmed for me the close connection between the our emotional life and our phsyical life, or I might add, the connection between our body and our spirit. I suspect her soul was in pain because it had been sheared in half by the loss of her husband. What was so normal for so long, their constant companionship, now was broken by death. It was hard to see, and losses like that take a long time to heal, if there is any desire to heal.

It is not uncommon for couple that have been married many years, and had great marriages, to die within hours, days, or even months of each other. The situation varies by case, but sometime the diagnosis is a “broken heart.”

I take some comfort in the fact that when we form a relationship with the Lord, He will never leave us. In the Lord, we have hope for a constant connection. We will never be grieved by a broken heart with God, because He is always present with us. The promises of scripture are certain. He is close to the broken -hearted.

If you are feeling far away from God today, may I reming you it is rare for God to leave you, but that you have pushed Him away, either through sin, indifference, or a conscience that is insensitive. I want to caution you not to let this last too long, or you might get used to God being “far” from you. Don’t let that happen. Repent of your sins, draw close to God, and He will draw near to you.

Dear God, sometimes I lose my way. I am thankful that You are never far from me. Be My ever-present Companion, my Guide, my God. Thank You Jesus for relieving me of my burden of sin. May I serve You ever. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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