For Mothers

Is there a good Mother’s Day text? I mean, there are probably many women who are mothers in the Bible that would make for a good tale on a Mother’s Day Sunday, but Mother’s Day per se did not exist in the time of the Bible, largely because women were not considered as important as men in the culture of Israel thousands of years ago. It’s not that they were unimportant, because a woman’s essential function in those days was to produce offspring. But if she couldn’t do that, it was a rare man that still appreciated her (namely Elkanah of 1 Samuel 1 and Zechariah of Luke 1).

But that kind of the point of Mother’s Day, isn’t it? Only the women who have produced (and raised) children get special mention today. That America still celebrates this day ought to be a mystery, as our collective lust for abortion continues unabated. How is it that we are nation that both celebrates women who birth and raise children, but still demand that a woman be allowed to kill her own child before it’s born? I see a conflict of priorities here. Why do we continue one and allow, even condone the other?

There are many women who will be left out today. Because they have never had children (and want them) or had children who were lost. This day brings them special pain. While many celebrate, many others mourn. Some mourn the loss of their own mothers, or mothers they never knew. Everyone has a mother, this this day speaks and hits different people in different ways. While you may be reading this and noting how thankful you are that you are not like those other people, as Christians we need to be sensitive to all.

Under Christianity, motherhood is no necessity to blessing. Christ saves all where they are, without regard to father, to mother, to children or parents. Christ saves you because He loves YOU. Any sins you have committed have been washed away in the blood of Christ. And that my friend is the reason I have to keep going. It doesn’t matter what I have done, Christ has still forgiven me. I can’t get that anywhere else.

Father God, You have made us all to be Your children. May we continue today to serve and honor You. If we have had the privilege of a mother, may we remember her in prayer Nd the woman in our lives that brought us life and chose to, despite the pain and effort. Thank You Lord for the the blessing of pregnancy and love found in families. Thank You for Your marvelous plan to make us and and allow us to find You and worship You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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