No Delight in Evil

Love, Evil and Truth are depicted in this verse as people who could potentially hang out together. I get the feeling that Evil tries to impress Love and fascinate her. Evil tries to make her feel good with all of his little contrivances and dalliances. But Love is not impressed. Love sees all that evil has to offer and takes no delight in any of it. She sees nothing there that she wants.

However, when Love sees truth, Truth is a completely different story. Truth tells her all the things he knows and she rejoices with him. She looks forward to meeting with Truth because Truth makes her happy. She would rather spend her time with Truth than with Evil.

Truth and Evil are not the opposites we expect. We expect Good to be the opposite of Evil and Lie to be the opposite of Truth. But neither of those characters is here. Rather, we get the end of Lie, which is Evil, and the end of Good, which is Truth. Love rejoices with Truth, but does not delight in Evil.

This little parable is intended to show us as Christians where we should spend our time. We should not delight in anything Evil has to offer. We are not Evil, because we represent Love. We were bought and paid for by Love, and practice Love as our chief commandments (love God, love Neighbor, love One Another). Our Love has no business hanging out with Evil, and should not delight in Evil things, deception, or pride.

Rather, Love rejoices with Truth. What is Truth? You know who He is. He will never lie to us. He will always be honest and straightforward with us. And there are times when Truth is more honest with us that we desire. Even when Truth exposes us, we rejoice because we have been found again. Truth can be harsh, but is only cruel when coupled with Evil. As Christians we speak the Truth in Love, intending for Truth to be restorative, not destructive. We ought to build one another up by Truth, because it is sure and lasting, far more than deception and lies.

In your speech and in your thoughts today, let Truth reign in you. Let Love speak with Truth and rejoice with Him. Let Love shun Evil and take no delight in Him. These are admittedly rather broad strokes on the canvas of our lives, but I encourage to work on the finer strokes yourself. See where Truth and Love take you today. Remember that Truth is God’s Truth, not one that we invent. Love is God’s Love, not one that works to satisfy itself.

Dear Lord, I pray for the guidance today to shoe me where Truth and Love meet and rejoice together. Help me realize Paul’s words in my own life. And help me shun the delights of Evil. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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