Flesh is Weak


Some of the strongest people I’ve ever met were dying. Her name was Virginia. She taught Sunday School at the church I pastored many years ago. She was a little lady who had fought many battles. I can still see her face. And I will be looking for her when I get to Heaven. While short in stature, she had great faith. She was kind and generous. I wish I’d spent more time talking to her. She and her husband attended the church, and she had been getting progressively more ill. After a long time of this, she finally went to the hospital for a bowel blockage. As we stood in her room before her surgery, I prayed with her. We prayed for her healing and quick recovery, and she prayed right along with us. After the prayer was over, we went to the waiting room to wait out what was going to be  a routine surgery.

A while later, one of the surgeons came out to us tell us how things were going. To our shock, they were not going well. She wasn’t going to survive surgery. When they opened her up he explained, they found the bowel blockage, and it was advanced cancer.

How could any of us had known that the last words we spoke to her were the words of prayer and encouragement at her bedside? How could we have known?

A few days later, I preached her funeral. It was the only funeral I’ve ever preached where I can honestly say we had live birds. I kid you not. I don’t really remember what I said that day, but I remember the birds. I remember where the cemetery is. I remember it was a sunny day. And from time to time, I remember her life and her faith.

Our flesh is weak and prone to failure. But God is good. And in Him we find our strength. If you find that your flesh is weak, take heart. God is strong, and He will lend freely all that you need. May you have a blessed day today. Be strong in the Lord.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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