What do you need to live? What keeps you going? All of us need air, warmth, a place to rest, water, food and so on. Does Jesus fall in and among your needs? Just as we need food, Jesus says He is the bread of life. Just as we need water, Jesus says He is living water. We find that our physical needs find their counterparts in the realm of the spirit. We need the breath of life, the bread of life, the water of life, and the abode of the Spirit dwelling in us and with us.

None of these things can we provide for ourselves. Perhaps when we mature and come into His presence, we will no longer require God to feed us all of these things as infants. For the tree of life will be in that place where we need only reach out and take for ourselves and receive it. Until then, we depend absolutely on the presence of the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us.

May you eat and drink today, and taste and see that the Lord is good.

Thank you Lord for Your marvelous abundance. May I never go hungry or thirsty when filled with Your Presence.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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