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As I wrote yesterday, we are or ought to be looking for God direction. Yesterday’s directive was to be thankful. That hasn’t changed. If you want God to direct your paths, be thankful. Be grateful. Remember that despite your own contribution, God is owed all the respect and gratitude for your life and blessing.

To be shaken here is to be rattled, moved off of this foundation of trust. I will not be forced to distrust God, no matter what happens to me. Just be careful when you say that. A lot can happen to you.

Job in scripture is a textbook example of what can happen to shake your trust in God. Job lost his wealth. He lost his security. He lost his children. And it took his wife’s respect of him. It took his health and comfort. After the first three chapters, Job is a nobody sitting in the city dump. It is a riches to rags story to this point. And then his three friends try to get him to admit that he is a sinner and that God is punishing him. But Job was not shaken. Though he had nothing, he still had God. And He would not give up on Him. He was still thankful.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but can I encourage you? God has not forgotten you. He still cares. Though you may have nothing, He still has you. As Job proves, you can do nothing wrong and still end up in the dump. But Job didn’t stay there, because when Job proved that he still loved and trusted God despite his circumstances, God raised Him up. We can find hope in that too. When God proves that you will trust Him and be content in all circumstances, then you are ready for more.

God, as you are preparing us even today to grow in faith, may our contentment rise to the surface like cream. May you see the serenity of our soul and take joy that are not in this for us and our benefit, but for you. May we learn that lesson early. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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