No Records

Do you keep records? I’m not talking about the old 33 1/3’s or the 45’s, but records of transactions, purchases and debts. I am told I am to keep records of such things for seven years for IRS purposes, but I probably keep them longer than that. These records are important for legal reasons, but also as a record of my history.

I think it’s important to remember where you came from, especially on those dark days when you feel God is far from you. He often reminded Israel of her history, “Remember when you were slaves in Egypt” and He freed them, or when He parted the sea before them, and they crossed on dry land, or the many times when He saved them from opposing armies, sometimes even wiping them out. History is important to God, and it should be to you.

When you are going through hard times, do you remember when God saves you through them, when He healed an ailment or saved you from injury? When he brought someone home or sent someone else away?

God wants us to keep a record of these things. But there are other things He doesn’t want us keeping records of. Because if we say we love, then we don’t keep records of wrong. Cherish the good memories, shun the bad. What is He talking about? The List.

The List always comes out in an argument between couples (and parents and children, between adult siblings, even friends) as a record of all those reasons you can’t trust someone else to do something. It usually starts with “Remember the time you . . .?” This is what the text is talking about. Remember the time you stood me up at my mother’s funeral? Remember the time you said you would cover taking care of dad, and then went on vacation? Remember the time you borrowed $5000 and told me you would pay me back? Sound familiar?

Love isn’t stupid, and is does call for some trustworthiness. But just as you have been loved, so you ought to love others. Does God remind us of our past failures? Praise God He does not. Instead, He gives grace. But God is also wise. He loves us unconditionally. But He trusts us with a little before we are given more responsibility. We have to grow and develop our relationship with Him, and that doesn’t come all at once. But we grow, from little faith to greater faith, from immaturity to maturity.

We love our children the same way. We begin relationships this way too. We put more investment into relationships that can handle it. When we are betrayed, or or trust is broken, we still love but trust must be earned again in a spirit of forgiveness.

That said, addiction is the surest test of this idea. Those who are addicted to drugs don’t care about relationships when they are seeking their next fix. While you love them, you cannot trust them. That is a hard place to be. My heart goes out to those situations. The only solution I can offer there is hope that the addict wants to put aside his addiction and heal. Pray for this, because any treatment for an addict who doesn’t want it is useless.

Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Wow.

God bless you today!

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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