What Matters


What really matters to you? What are you willing to sacrifice anything for to achieve or receive it? What really makes a difference in your life that you will allow nothing to interfere with?

Do you have one of those priorities? I’ve known heroin addicts that know exactly what this is like. There is no relationship, no possession they own that will not be sacrificed in order to get their next fix. They will rob from their mother and their grandmother to get what they need. That is the power of addiction. They will justify any act, any act, that will satisfy their need. Is there anything in your life like that?

Would you want a passion for Jesus like that? Could you?

Most people tend to rule their lives with the common good in mind, as long as it benefits self. I will go to work like everyone else, and I will endure that work as long as they continue to pay me every two weeks and I can take the occasional vacation. I will endure the twenty-odd years of marriage and have children like I am expected to, and then if I’m still happy with the person I married, I’ll stay with them. That’s what is expected, and as long as I am happy, I will continue. Do you see the nature of this addiction yet? This person is just as addicted as the Heroin addict. They are addicted to happiness, and are willing to do anything, even endure the ordinary, to keep it. This is the same person that will divorce because they are not happy anymore. They will find a better job because it will make them happy. Happiness, that ephemeral quality which cannot be grasped or kept, is an addiction.

So what does this verse tells us? Pursue righteousness (before God) and kindness (before men) and you will receive life, righteousness and honor. Life and righteousness come from God (This is the joy of living) and honor comes from men (being a voice that is respected is a powerful witness for the gospel).

Is it possible to be addicted to Jesus? Let me tell you that addiction to Jesus is the only true addiction you can ever have. Everything else will be governed by the law of diminishing returns. Every attempt to satisfy the need will result in less satisfaction, so you have to get more. With Jesus, the returns increase with use. He gives more every time you give Him your time. He becomes more profound, more satisfying, better with worship and study. Better with prayer and with service.

What is your priority? What matters to you? Maybe it’s time to examine yourself. Check your priorities. Ask others what they seem to be. You may be surprised.

God bless you today.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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