Love Rejoices with Truth

WOW. I really needed a Bible verse to tell me this. I have been inundated with the message that love trumps truth from my culture trying to lecture me on what my faith ought to be. It tells me I ought to accept anyone’s preferences in love because love trumps anything that old dusty Bible says. Us Christians can’t be authentic because we put limits on love.

Well, yes, we do. Love is a powerful emotion, and powerful bond. “With great power” comes rules for its use. Nuclear energy is a great source of power. We don’t hand out uranium like candy. We have very strict rules about the use of nuclear energy because it is dangerous if mishandled. The power of nuclear fire is less potent than love. Love brought an infinite God unto a human form to die for our sins. There are rules for this kind of power, and it is Truth.

Without Truth, Love is dangerous. Adulterous love can destroy marriages, children, even several generations. It can destroy the fabric of society when divorce is easy. Adulterous love caused that. Homosexual love is destroying the family, and now threatens the church. Churches are being told not to indulge in “hate speech” which the Bible seems to be full of. How is this? Because the Bible declares there are rules for love. Good love rejoices with the truth. Bad love hates the truth. Self-love can destroy an individual, isolating and ultimately destroying him, especially in suicide. Self-love declares that what I think is always right, even when my thoughts are objectively wrong, like “nobody wants me”.

Love and truth are partners. One needs the other. Truth needs love so that it’s razor’s edge heals surgically rather than hurts by slicing to ribbons. Christian never discount the connection between love and truth. They are inseparable if they are to be used at all. They are the Christian’s currency and trade. Be careful how you use them.

God bless you today.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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