What Do I Need to Know to Enter the Ballot Box?



“The Most Important Election of our Time!” Seems like we hear these words every four years around October. Strangely enough, they may be true this time. It is a decision about the values of America, and whose definition of those values you accept. It is a question that hopefully we won’t wait to ponder until we get to the voting booth. But more to the point, as Christians, how the Bible the Word of God inform our vote?

America is a grand experiment. It is the first nation on earth founded on the principle that men have the wisdom to make their own decisions, and collectively, to make the right decisions for the nation. Unlike all nations before her, America was never ruled by a single person, but by the people, and on behalf of the people. The decisions for leadership and values in this country have been decided by popular vote for over 200 years, rather than a small ruling class, or a king. We have believed that men, guided by the Word of God and a desire for the common good, will make wise decisions regarding her representatives and holders of public office. Yet, decisions about prayer in school, abortion, and homosexual marriage, haven’t been decisions by the American people, but by a small group of people in the Supreme Court. The Constitution allowed for this, but the decisions and activities of the Supreme Court have gone beyond interpreting the Law of the Land, to simply making it by fiat.

Some of the best and worst decisions that affect us all have been determined by men and women handpicked by the President. Sadly, enough Democrat votes have been cast in recent elections to ensure that liberal-minded Judges with lip service paid to the Constitution, have voted and ruled on issues the Founders would be appalled with. These same men and women will hold their positions of power for years to come. Thus, the ethics and moral values of a President affect, far beyond his time in office, the ethics and values of a nation. Ethics and values are the basis for God’s judgment of a nation. A decision this November isn’t merely for the success of a nation over the next four years, but her standing before God for the next forty! Does it matter who you vote for? Listen for the next couple of weeks. The Bible has much to say on this topic.

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I've been in ministry in the Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ for 20+ years. Finished my doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2015. Serve today as a Hospital Chaplain.

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